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One of CBL's specialities is designing lighting for art collections. Solutions may involve state-of-the-art  picture lighting, from small cabinet-sized paintings to full-length historic portraits, fibre optics for jewellery and coins displays to discrete lighting of large-scale outdoor sculptures. 

Lighting works of art requires a fine balance of aesthetic and conservation considerations, and also to be an intrinsic part of the surrounding interior where the art collection is displayed. 

20 years of experience has enabled CBL to find  a successful formula for achieving the best results when lighting of the works of art becomes an art in itself, a harmonious integration of form and function. 

Systems used for lighting collections may include individual picture lights attached to frames, track systems with individually adjustable LED spots, lighting via a light projector, uplighters and downlighters, fibre-optic or LED strips aimed at silver or coins, lights integrated into book-shelves, - in each individual case an optimal design solution is sought . 

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